Since 06.01.2019

Sports not only bring different people together and create strong bonds and communities, but also serve as great physical and emotional outlets. It’s easy for students to find themselves stressed and overwhelmed by academics and social life, which is why sports are so important. Sports and exercise provide a way for students to combat and relieve themselves from the pressure and stress they face everyday, but sports equipment is not always easily accessible and affordable. Our mission is to change this within our communities by collecting unwanted and unused sports equipment, sanitizing them, and donating them to local schools and youth centers.


We travel from door-to-door in local neighborhoods and request donations in the form of any unused or unwanted sports equipment. We also place sanitized door tags throughout local neighborhoods with our contact information for people to schedule appointments for donation drop offs and pickups. We aim to inform people of our initiative in order to spread awareness, allowing more people within our communities to get involved. Given our current situation regarding COVID-19, we make sure to wear masks and abide by social distancing practices while also handling all equipment with gloves. We also sanitize all equipment prior to donating them to local schools and youth centers.


We are very flexible in regards to location and time for donations. We can be reached via email (team@wecareinitiative.com) or phone (408-***-****) and are able to meet at various locations upon request. We accept donations in the form of any sporting goods from athletic wear such as shoes and clothing, to equipment such as tennis racquets or football helmets.


We are a group of seniors attending Lynbrook High School. We’ve played for our school’s tennis team for several years and served as team captains in our sophomore and/or junior years. Over the years, playing tennis has been such a great opportunity and experience, completely changing our high school journey. Having fun through competition and exercise with friends and teammates has been a gift that we wish to give to others. As our high school careers are coming to an end, we want to ensure that others are able to enjoy and experience sports the same way we have.