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Our Mission

With the emergence of COVID-19, lots of people have stepped up to assist in their own way. A common theme around the world has been making homemade masks and donating to a local area in need. However, everyone has their time constraints and may not be consistent in their donations. Our goal is to consistently donate to the areas we have partnered with while bringing together individual efforts in donating masks.

Want to Volunteer?

We know that some citizens may be discouraged to make masks because of the necessity to go outside and purchase materials. We will be providing all of our volunteers with the necessary materials! Healthcare professionals are seeking donations of items called PPE (personal protective equipment), and essentially that is what we want to provide.

We Hope...

To reach the associations that are requesting donations for PPE, such as homeless shelters and nursing homes. We will be sewing masks at home and donating to hospitals, police stations, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and more. All of our items will include thoughtful notes (multiple cards included in the package with masks)


Basically Everyone...

Healthcare Workers

Police Department

Fire Department

Homeless Shelter

Nursing Homes

Secondary Distributors

BLM Protestors

Incarcerated individuals

School Districts

Rehab Centers

General Public


People Of Various...





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