Here are the details of each roll

If you are interested in taking part in any of these roles, please fill out the sign-up forms linked under each role.

Your donations will help us do what we do! The funds will be used for:

  • 100% Cotton Fabric (recommended fabric by the CDC)
  • elastics
  • basic sewing supplies such as needles and thread

We are also accepting donations of materials. They would be greatly appreciated.

This role is hands-on and very crucial in achieving our goal. Sewing machines are recommended for more efficient production, but hand-sewing is fine as well. We expect at least 10 masks from our volunteers, and those that meet 25, 50, 100, etc. will receive recognition and a reward. All volunteers will have the chance to be featured on our website and social media pages if they are willing. To begin, you can fill out the sign-up form below or contact me or my team personally. Cotton fabric and elastics will be provided by me (pick-up from my house) OR you can use your own materials (would help a lot).

Use your art and your creativity to help your community! Making cards is a simple yet effective way to show people your appreciation. The various members that will be receiving your cards include nurses, doctors, firefighters, homeless, veterans, and the elderly. After you complete your cards, please fill out the form below so we can contact you and arrange a time to collect the cards.

This role is for individuals that can help our program grow by accumulating more donations and finding sources of money as contributions to our program. Selected members will be considered a part of the Executive Team.

Responsibilities include:
  • Organizing fundraisers (such as sticker fundraisers, baking fundraisers, etc.)
  • Joining the fundraising team on GoFundMe and advertising the link to donate
  • Reaching out to local businesses for potential donations/corporate matches for our program

It is recommended to have connections with adults/businesses, experience with communicating and writing formal emails, and skills with handling finances.

This role has 3 available positions (subject to change) and the volunteers fulfilling this role will be considered a part of the Executive Team.

Responsibilities include:
  • Creating promotional flyers
  • Maintaining an organized calendar on the website
  • Updating our social media pages
  • Reaching various schools and clubs in the area to recruit volunteers
  • Editing promotional videos/ photos to post on social media

It is recommended to have artistic skills, familiarity with social media/ web design, or experience in video editing.

Volunteer events will be held weekly to donate masks and cards (along with bagged lunches provided by the district) to low-income families in the Fremont Union High School District and the Cupertino Union School District. There will be a limited amount of sign-ups available for each week, so please sign-up quickly! You may select as many events as you are able to attend. We will be emailing or texting you shortly to confirm the date you're volunteering.

*This position is only for those part of South Bay.

Log Your Hours

Are you a youth volunteer or a volunteer looking to track your hours? Log them in here and I will frequently approve or decline your hours based on the results. For example, if you log in 3 hours for 10 masks that would be approved whereas 72 hours for 10 masks is a bit of a stretch. To combine volunteer hours from other organizations, contact me so I can give you confirmation. If you need me to sign off on your hours, I can do it virtually or we can wait until the end of quarantine!