Fostering community efforts around the world to help those who need it.

Masks Made


Cards Made


Money Raised


We hope to bring the community together and provide PPE (protective personal equipment)to those who need it.

Thanks To Our Partners!

Why Join?

Many citizens feel a lack of motivation to head out to purchase materials to make their own masks. Through our donations, we will be able to supply all volunteers with the materials they need to help out. This is also a community effort, bringing together individuals that are already making masks, to collectively and consistently supply a large number of PPE to hospitals, shelters, and MORE.

Presidential Award

This is a great way to earn recognition for all the hard work and hours you are putting into helping the heroes and the vulnerable during these tough times. This would be an example of an award to include in college apps, resumes, etc. You will be receiving a certificate for your hours (award type and the number of hours vary). For more information please click on the "Learn More" button.

How Can You Help?

Here are a few ways to "ma(s)k a difference!"


If you have materials or money that you feel would support our program, please donate!

Sew Masks!

If you are interested in sewing or you're looking for something to do in your free time, this is a great task to take on!

Make cards!

This is an easy, quick, and fun way to make change. Use your creativity to make someone's day!

Fundraising Coordinator

This role is a great way to contribute by reaching out to people you know to collect donations and funds. You can apply to be a coordinator on the executive team.

PR Video Editor/ Social Media Management!

This role is perfect for you if you have interest in video editing, making flyers, and staying active on social media. Apply to be on the executive team!

Lend Equipment!

Some of our volunteers are masters at sewing by hand or know how to use a sewing machine but they do not have one or it is broken! Lending materials would be amazing!